Thursday, 8 July 2010

Keep it simple and staying up to date

Just watched a presentation on InfoQ

It reinforced a principle we try and adhere to on our applications - Keep it simple. We are very good at doing that as far as the user interface is concerned.

Aware Monitoring's have applied this to their development and makes design and technology choices based on their current skill set and limit the technologies they use.

This is certainly a very sound strategy for helping keeping complexity and cost under control, but this need to be balanced against the need to keep up to date and able to take advantage of new and emerging technologies. Without doing this you run the risk of being made obsolete by a someone using a new technology that makes them much more productive or changes the game in new unexpected ways.

We love technology and enjoy trying new technologies out. We perhaps need to evaluate how much this is costing us and make sure we have got the balance between "Keep it Simple" and staying up to date right for us.

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