Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sys Admin Disaster Recovery

I have recently been tasked with creating a proposal outlining different disaster recovery options which we can offer to clients.

The more I started to think abut this the more I realised that as a fairly novice sys admin I knew very little of the problems that can occur and the disasters that can happen.

I began to research this. I read a few blogs to begin with. One of the first that I read ( was quite interesting. It basically outlined that while best practices and knowledge of a system will help, certain aspects of avoiding disasters comes from intuition and experience.

It seems that to quote a comment on another blog, I will need to walk the minefield to gain this experience. This article outlined the top ten sys admin disasters. What was interesting was reading some of the comments. This has helped me gain a bit of understanding into what can go wrong.

While a lot of the problems were explained by onsite (data centre) hiccups (Plugs being unplugged or emergency cut off switches located next to light switches without a protective cover) a lot of the time it was people not taking care of the backup procedure correctly.

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