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Monthly Tech Presenter's Workshop

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Starting on Tuesday the 13th March we will be running an ongoing Tech Presenter's Workshop here at Digital Morphosis. This event is designed to help you if you're interested in presenting talks, podcasts or webinars.

We're hoping to establish a reputation for being a regular forum, where you can come to talk about your ideas or practice in front of a small, friendly audience before taking a presentation "out and about". We're also hoping to make the event a hub for learning about speakers opportunities coming up or helping with any technical headaches for the 21st Century presenter.

Tech moves quickly and one of the best ways to stay up to date is to attend tech events and listen to speakers. It follows that the more sharing we do in the local tech scene the stronger and more vibrant that tech scene will become.

So wherever you are in the process of making that presentation, and making it better, this free workshop will be a step on the road to building confidence in front of an audience.

The workshops will take place on a monthly basis at the Digital Morphosis office in Cardiff Bay. More details on the Facebook Event Page.

Leo Stableford

Leo Stableford

Code Wrangler, self-publisher and content enthusiast. Leo wants to get everyone talking, although everyone occasionally has to tell him the best way to achieve that would be for him to shut up.

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